Put the JOOS in your guest experience

A cost-free, revenue-generating, solution to mobile battery.

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Meet Joos

Empower a seamless digital experience for your guests – a convenient solution to an everyday problem when out and about.

How it works in 30 seconds

Enhanced Experience

Take away the low battery anxiety that your guests experience when leaving the hotel for the day.

Automated Self-service

Our innovative counter-top units dispense portable chargers via a QR code, scanned with the Joos app.

Tailored to you

Free or paid for by customers – choose the service model which best suits you.

Cashless payment

Secure digital payments via the Joos app.

Zero Staff Involvement

Being an app-based service, Joos is designed to be easy to use, with helpful information throughout the customer journey.

And with 24/7 live chat support from the home screen, hotel staff support isn’t required.

Added Revenue and Cost-Free

We offer a higher revenue share than any other phone charging facility and there are zero costs for you.

Free Maintenance and Support

Fully managed installation, replenishment, maintenance and 24/7 in-app live chat.

Joos phone charging box on counter top
Joos charging box with mobile phone
Joos Mini counter-top dispenser

Co-brand it

Added value digital & vinyl branding opportunities of the Joos Mini dispenser and the Joos app.

Anti-Covid Protections

Medical grade anti-microbial plastics and quarantined chargers between use make it safe.

Digitally Secure

No risk of digital fraud inherent with conventional USB chargers

Trusted by Brewdog

View the Brewdog case study to find out why they chose Joos.

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